Foundations In Sustainability

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Whether you are a real estate professional, a property manager, developer or contractor, if you have no knowledge, or even a limited knowledge of the sustainable building industry, this course has been designed with you in mind. Encompassing the universal aspects of sustainability that involve virtually every building type, it is focused on providing the reader with the basic concepts of sustainability; what it is and how it operates.

The traditional use of the editorial “he,” “him” used in the past to indicate both sexes will not be used consistently here. Rather, the use of “he,” “him,” “she,” and “her” will be used interchangeably within the text. Please understand that the use of either gender-specific pronoun should be considered as applicable to all sexes.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and explain to his/her client what a green building is, and perhaps more importantly, why the definition of “green” is so important;
  • Understand and participate in some of the more current discussions in sustainable building design;
  • Understand the basic principles of building science as they pertain to the building envelope and resource usage;
  • Understand the basic components of an integrated building system, how they operate and how they affect each other;
  • Identify your client’s needs even when he/she may not understand him/herself;
  • Identify trends and costs associated with sustainable building and how to develop a database of locally and/or regionally specific information on construction pricing;
  • Understand the ethics and potential legal ramifications of “green.”

The course contains several multiple-choice practice exams and is completed with a multiple-choice final exam.

Approved States: CO