Building Green: Marketing High Performance Homes

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

With universal concern about global warming and ever-rising energy costs, the time is right to build energy efficient, eco-friendly homes.

Interest is growing exponentially among consumers about what "going green" means to them. Builders want to know technical details of what it means to "build green," how many of these details have already been incorporated in their building practices, and what it will cost to add or change practices. Due to the economic law of supply and demand, equally important in the advancement of green building and selling is how to create awareness and resulting demand for these better-designed, better-built homes.

In this course, we will identify practical benefits that the "high performance home" (HPH) provides and features that deliver these benefits. The biggest challenge in the green marketplace is how to communicate this value to consumers effectively enough to change buying preferences. Attracting busy consumers' attention long enough to educate them about how to buy a home is no small task, and demands the right media and message.

We'll explore the most effective ways to utilize photographs, charts, certified green labeling, press exposure, Internet and print mailings.

When the connection is made between the value of today's mainstream green "high performance home" and today's energy-conscious, eco-concerned consumers, sales of new and existing green homes will assume the commanding position in the marketplace that they so richly deserve.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify and communicate the benefits and features of the High Performance Home
  • Define their market niche
  • Discuss and practice tools to market your expertise

Course Outline:

  • HPH Benefits and Features
  • Your Market Niche
  • Market Your Expertise

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