GRI 103: Maximize Your Profitability - (2019)

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.4 stars

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A key part of the real estate transaction is financing. In general, financing addresses the ways in which people, businesses, and organizations allocate and use monetary resources. In this module we will exam key real estate financing topics and then exam critical laws governing real estate, which can be complex and varied.

Real estate professionals must also be able to discuss how counseling differs from typical brokerage services by offering the home-buying consumer the opportunity to get a second opinion and to hire a counselor based on real estate expertise and experience. In this module we will present this information and provide a red flag notice of when participants are potentially going into a danger zone–the unlicensed practice of law.

Course Topics

Students completing this course will be exposed to legal issues relating to;

  • Leasing and brokerage activities
  • The Unauthorized practice of law
  • State laws and disclosure requirements

Risk management techniques will also be reviewed and students will be able to review their own understanding of the concepts through exposure to case studies representing key issues in real estate law.

Approved States: FL

This courses is approved for GRI credit