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Date:Oct 26, 2021  |  09:00 AM
Host:South Metro Denver Realtor® Association
Location:South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association
6436 S. Racine Circle
Centennial, CO 80111
Instructor:   O'Connor, Jack

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The Code of Ethics is a measure of professionalism in real estate. It does not describe the lowest common denominator of permissible performance, which many licensing laws do; the Code describes the optimum performance the public has the right to expect and imposes an obligation not only to adhere to high standards of ethical conduct, but also for REALTOR® members to become and remain informed, knowledgeable and competent.

The ethical considerations relating to the new role of transaction broker, and for buyer agents, have mandated changes in the NAR Code of Ethics. Since 1995, the National Association of REALTORS® has continued to revise and expand the Code of Ethics. Every REALTOR® is required to complete minimum Ethics training every four years as mandated by NAR.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify at least two aspirational concepts in the Preamble to the Code of Ethics, describe the concept of general business ethics and identify how the Code of Ethics compares and contrasts with the concept of general business ethics.
  • Describe the concepts of at least two of the following Articles of the Code of Ethics: Articles 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 16 and 17.
  • Given interactive learning methods such as case studies, quizzes, role play, group discussion of fact scenarios, identify possible violations of the Code of Ethics, specifically related to at least one of the two Articles selected in Objective #2.
  • Briefly describe the professional standards enforcement process of the board or association.

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