GRI: Environmental Issues

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.3 stars

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This course provides information for real estate licensees who broker land, who plan to invest in land, or who plan to buy and develop land. The course discusses the land and its uses, laws affecting the use of land—including environmental laws, urban growth, required disclosures, and how all these issues affect real estate business practices.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Predict land use demand and the highest and best use of land.
  • Relate federal laws regarding land use and the environment to the practice of real estate.
  • Relate state laws regarding land use and the environment (including the “Growth Management Act”) to the practice of real estate.
  • Disclose known adverse conditions to consumers.
  • Evaluate urban land locations for potential use and growth patterns.

Students will also have access to references, a glossary, Red Flag issues and resources and information is available in the Appendix of the course. Disclosure is also introduced as it relates to the topics covered.

The course is completed with a final exam.

Approved States: CO

This courses is approved for GRI credit