202: Technology Tools & Resources FL GRI

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Real estate licensees have invested a great deal of time and millions of dollars building and improving real estate technology; the demand for additional technology is very high. Internet marketing consultants warn that without proper marketing and promotion, web sites can quickly become obsolete, and, while social networks can help connect in a referral business, society now relies on instant communication.

It is not the intention of this course to make participants into technology experts; it identifies rules, regulations, and the advantages of using technology. This course seeks to make participants aware of valuable resources affecting the daily life of a modern real estate licensee.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Relate the growth of technology in the real estate industry to consumer demands and expectations.
  • Apply the law and the Code of Ethics to all electronic marketing.
  • Apply etiquette and best practices to all electronic marketing and communication.

Various resources and maintenance tools are also discussed and students will complete numerous exercises throughout the course. This course is completed with a multiple choice final exam.