201: Personal Promotion FL GRI

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You’ve learned the laws, read and re-read the sales contract, and figured out all of those addendums and disclosures, now what? How do you get prospective customers to choose you above everyone else? How do you stand out? On what should you spend your time and money in order to promote your business?

This is very different subject matter than you would usually find yourself studying in the real estate profession. This course is designed to discover who you really are and how to use your special abilities to make your real estate career the very best it could possibly be.

How do you take your area of strength and use it to draw customers to you and ultimately to a successful real estate closing and, even possibly the creation of another source of referrals and loyalty?

          The answer: by creating a personal promotion plan.

People seek contact with those who will give them comfort and help them meet their needs; people make purchases and decisions based on trust and positive experience. It is up to you to facilitate all these of things.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a Unique Selling Proposition, elevator speech, and brand for use in personal promotion.
  • Apply the Do Not Call rules to marketing efforts.
  • Utilize promotional materials and communication channels that are consistent with a personal brand, the target market, and an overall promotional plan.

The course contains an ongoing assessment of your personal promotion plan and is completed with a final exam.