301: Property Management/Common Ownership FL GRI

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This course covers two distinct, yet related topics. Property Management and Common Ownership interests in real property. In the property management section of the course we will examine the opportunities available to licensees who wish to participate in property management functions. This course is an introduction to the field of property management.

This may include working for Homebuilders or commercial owners, institutional investors or a property owner who lives out of state. For any type of ongoing management activity licensees are encouraged to seek out additional training and ongoing education that directly relates to their chosen practice areas.

In the second part of the course students will be introduced to common ownership issues including forms of common ownership. Misconceptions and misunderstood issues of common ownership will be examined.

At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to;

  • Demonstrate professional communication and business management skills used as a property manager
  • Define the duties and obligations of a property manager for owners and tenants
  • List property management assignments and industry challenges
  • Compare and Contrast the different forms of common ownership
  • Identify characteristics of common ownership

This course has two modules and is completed with a cumulative and comprehensive final exam.