302: Brokerage Management FL GRI

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For those seeking to become employing or managing brokers and who wish to open their own office - be it a franchise, independent or even a team structure - there are a number of issues that they will face when entering the marketplace.

In this course we will focus on key areas of concern related to Brokerage Management that all licensees should be aware of. At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to;

  • Define steps to be taken when creating a brokerage
  • Identify financial concerns associated with brokerage management
  • Review resources designed to assist with the development of a policy manual
  • State the role and responsibilities of the manager

Students will also review a detailed case study designed to demonstrate some of the considerations involved in opening a brokerage firm or a new individual brokerage business. The course contains self-assessment tools and is completed with a final exam.