Working with Foreign Clients: What You Should Know!

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.0 stars

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Many foreign investors acquiring U.S. real estate do so without fully understanding that nonresident and foreign corporations are subject to vastly different U.S. tax rules. Many do not realize that the way in which a foreign investor takes title to U.S. real estate determines in large part how they will be taxed for income and estate tax purpose. Of critical importance is that tax planning must be undertaken prior to closing on the property.

In this course students will discover:

  • How to Define a Foreign Client
  • Tax Considerations for Foreign Clients
  • Liability Issues related to the certification of clients and the real estate professionals responsibilities
  • Tax consequences that affect a foreign owner upon the sale of property in the United States

This presentation will summarize the most important tax issues for foreign buyers and sellers of U.S. real estate with an emphasis on the concepts, not the technicalities. Clients and Brokers are encouraged to seek appropriate tax and legal advice for every unique situation that arises when working with Foreign Investors in United States Real Property.

Approved States: CO