Reducing Radon Risk in Real Estate

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.2 stars

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This course acquaints the student to the potential health hazards associated with Radon Gas. The Student will learn about the creation of radon gas, radon gas heath hazards, testing and remediation techniques, and agent responsibilities.

Table of Contents

  • Unit I - Introduction
    General description of radon gas and the history of how the adverse health effects were discovered.
  • Unit II - Health Impact
    Description of the lung damage caused by radon, a comparison of risk with other carcinogens, and a summary of the opinions of various health organizations.
  • Unit III - Radon in Homes
    How radon enters homes, sources of variability in radon concentrations, EPA recommended safe levels, and information on the potential for radon in different regions of the U.S..
  • Unit IV - Testing
    Covers types of testing equipment, test durations, and tips for achieving accurate tests and reducing the likelyhood of test tampering.
  • Unit V - Remediation
    General remediation techniques, typical construction cost and duration, and discussion of pre-installed remediation in new homes.
  • Unit VI - Agent Responsibilities
    Legal and ethical obligations concerning radon including disclaimers, disclosure, testing during sales, and recommendations on reducing risk.
  • Unit VII - Recent Court Cases

  • Unit VIII - EPA Program
    Description of the EPA's Radon Proficiency Program
The course contains numerous multiple choice exams, interactive exercises, and is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

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