IRA Investments in Real Estate - Part 1

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Investing IRA assets in Real estate has been a well-kept "secret" opportunity. It is true; you and your clients may invest their IRA in real estate. You may help your clients buy real estate with their IRAs, opening an entirely new avenue for commissions. You may also buy and sell real estate in your own IRA/SEP or 401k plan, taking advantage of the "wholesale" market as a real estate broker and taking advantage of tax deferred retirement investment.

As a Real Estate Broker, you have at your fingertips access to information on hundreds, perhaps thousands of properties. Many brokers personally show hundreds of properties a month to potential buyers. At each showing you have the opportunity to get an inside look at a property as a home, a home for a renter, or an investment for appreciation.

This course will open the door to a new way of serving your clients, both buyers and sellers, and provide you a valuable new tool to build ongoing relationships and partnerships. In your quest to connect buyers with sellers, this course will open the door to many more potential buyers than currently exist for a given property. Throughout the text, although the term "IRA" is used most frequently, it is interchangeable with "Roth", SEP, 401(k) and others.

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Understanding Retirement Plans
  • Coordinating the Purchase
  • The Rules
  • Case Studies
  • Self Direction and your Business
  • Introducing Self-Direction to Clients

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