GRI 100: Pricing, Sales & Marketing

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Course Objective:

Today’s market is constantly evolving, being shaped not only by changing market conditions but also by growing consumer demands and expectations.  In order to achieve long-term success, REALTORS® must first equip themselves with tools for continued professional growth.  Only then are they prepared to meet the growing demands and expectations of today’s consumers.  By developing strategies to target various segments of sellers, REALTORS® can tailor the benefits they offer to meet the needs of consumers in every market.  The purpose of this course is to provide REALTORS® with tools and strategies to embrace the cyclical market and exceed seller expectations from first contact through transaction closing.


  1. Growing Your Business and Yourself
  2. Reaching Today's Consumers
  3. Customizing Your Services
  4. Multicultural Consumers
  5. Listing Presentations
  6. Pricing the Property
  7. Servicing the Listing
  8. The Offer Stage
  9. From Contract to Closing and Beyond

Final Exam

The course contains numerous instructor assessments in the classroom and the online course contains multiple choice exams, interactive exercises, and is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

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