Home Inspections and Appraisal

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Course Objective:

The inspection and appraisal: essential parts of the residential real estate transaction, can often be fraught with issues and frustration. This course will examine the advantages and pitfalls for clients and REALTORS® working with home inspectors, review the function of appraisers and the difference between assessed and appraised values.

In addition to examining the components of a thorough home inspection we will take a look at green building topics changing the scope of the building business altogether, as well as look closer into the ethical considerations in relation to an appraiser's work.

  1. Unit 1 - Home Inspections
    • Inspection Dos
    • Forms
    • Home Types
    • Home Inspection Details
    • Pitfalls of the Home Inspection
    • Fraud
    • Exercise
    • Unit Exam
  2. Unit 2 - Green Building
    • What Do We Mean By Green?
    • NIBS
    • Energy Use
    • Home Performance
    • Design
    • Construction
    • Renewables
    • Industry Standards
    • Summary
    • Exercise
    • Unit Exam
  3. Unit 3 - Appraisals
    • How the Process Works
    • Home Appraisal (What is it & When is it used sections)
    • USPAP
    • Pressure on Appraisers
    • Confidentiality
    • Appraisal Reviews
    • URAR
    • Insufficient Value
    • Appraisal, CMA & Inspection Comparison
    • Unit Exam
  4. Final Exam
The course contains numerous instructor assessments in the classroom and the online course contains multiple choice exams, interactive exercises, and is completed with a multiple choice final exam.