Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.5 stars

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This course covers many aspects of Real Estate Finance, including:

  1. Loan Basics
    • Understand the history of mortgage financing in the United States
    • Sources of funds and the lending process
    • Loan types and classifications
    • Risk and Qualification
  2. Regulations
    • RESPA
    • TIL and Regulation Z
  3. Interest, Payments and Insurance
    • Loan to Value
    • Annual Interest and Monthly Payments
    • Discount points
    • Insurance
  4. Example Calculations
    • Students will complete example calculations based on the information presented in the course

The course contains numerous examples, multiple choice quizzes and exams, and is completed with a multiple choice exam.

Approved States: SD

This courses is approved for GRI credit   

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South Dakota