Foundations In Sustainability

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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3.6 stars

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Residential and Commercial Building Principles for a 'greener' future-

Whether you are a real estate professional, a property manager, developer or contractor, if you have no knowledge, or even a limited knowledge of the sustainable building industry, this course has been designed with you in mind. Encompassing the universal aspects of sustainability that involve virtually every building type, it is focused on providing the student with the basic concepts of sustainability; what it is and how it operates.

Learning objectives for the course include:

  1. Understanding what a green building is, and perhaps more importantly, why the definition of "green" is so important;
  2. Understanding and participating in some of the more current discussions in sustainable building design;
  3. Identifying your client's needs even when he/she may not understand him/herself;
  4. Identifying trends and costs associated with sustainable building and how to develop a database of locally and/or regionally specific information on construction pricing;
  5. Understanding the ethics and potential legal ramifications of "green."
  6. Explain the major certifications and the requirements of each
This course is broken into 6 units with a final cumulative exam.

Approved States: CO,OR