Basic Residential Investment

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Course Overview

Buying real estate as an investment can be a sound practice but it requires research, understanding the market place and financial stability for securing money long term.

In this course the student will learn:

  1. the basics of investing in residential real estate which include the profit and risk potentials;
  2. the overall characteristics of real estate investments; and
  3. the basics of how to compare investment properties which includes a detailed approach to analyzing a property.

In the first unit you will learn the basic concepts needed to understand investing in real estate.

In the next unit you will learn how these concepts are applied in analyzing real estate investments. You will learn the fundamentals of how leveraging effects an investors Rate of Return, the potential profit as well as the potential risks incurred when leveraging.

Students completing this course will complete a series of exercises designed to demonstrate their ability to complete an analysis of potential investment real estate purchases and sales.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the basic factors affecting investment in real property
  • Explain the fundamentals of how leveraging affects investment in real estate
  • Discuss methods used in choosing investment property
  • Identify the investors economic strength and requirements
  • Explain the circumstances under which capital gains taxes apply
  • Assist an investor client in creating a budget for an investment property
  • Describe tax liability commonly associated with investment properties

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Real Estate Investment
Unit 2: The Risk of Process of Investment in Real Estate
Unit 3: Analysis of Investments
Unit 4: Investment Exercises
Unit 5: Appendix

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