Understanding Sustainability

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Understanding Sustainability - 4 Credit Hours of Real Estate Continuing Education

This course is a survey of sustainability, global climate change, and efforts on an international, national, and personal level that can effect the change necessary to become more sustainable. It will give the student the information necessary to discuss the general topic, and to evaluate new information about global climate change and what can be done about it as that information comes along over the next few years.

The approach of the course is to look at the antecedents of sustainability, some of the key terms, national and local policies, alternative energy sources, and individual efforts that lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding what is necessary for a community to be sustainable and to start to consider what actions are necessary to make changes in a community.
  • Recognize what is necessary for a building to be green, and to then be able to determine what features should be considered to make the most impact in reduction of carbon emissions.

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1 - What is sustainability?
  • Unit 2 - Why is sustainability important?
  • Unit 3 - Sustainability Policies and Practices
  • Unit 4 - Sustainable Communities
  • Unit 5 - Building Green

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