Record Keeping and Trust Accounts, Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Record Keeping and Trust Accounts

Record Keeping and Trust Accounts - worth a total of 8 Credit Hours

This course teaches the proper record keeping procedures required by the Real Estate Commission to maintain and account for funds belonging to others. The course is based around the Colorado Real Estate Manual, Chapter 18.

Course Topics include:

  • Real Estate Commission's Rules E 1 through 6,16 & 30.
  • 28 Study questions based on the Rules and Chapter 18 of the Manual.
  • Preparation of three Practical Exercises in Record Keeping/Accounting.
  • Discusion of three areas of concern
    1. Property Management
    2. Broker Acting as Principal and Licensee (Partnerships; Joint Ventures, etc.)
    3. Original Signatures:

The course contains numerous multiple choice quizzes, and is completed with a multiple choice exam.

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