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Course Outline
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The Colorado 168 hr licensing program strictly follows the Commission's requirements and consists of six courses and two exam prep modules:
  • 1: Colorado Law and Practice (48 hours)
  • 2: Colorado Contracts & Regulations (48 hours)
  • 3: Real Estate Closings (24 hours)
  • 4: Trust Accounts & Record Keeping (8 hours)
  • 5: Current Legal Issues (8 hours)
  • 6: Practical Applications (32 hours)
  • Real Estate Exam Prep (Click for Details)
  • Colorado Exam Prep (Click for Details)
Receiving Your REC-33 Certificate
In order for you to receive your REC-33 Certificate of Completion of educational requirements you must successfully pass (75% or greater) the final exams for each course and the final exams for each exam prep module. You can take all exams on the internet, and the exams are instantly graded.

The REC-33 and Certificate of Eligibility will be electronically submitted to PSI and the Colorado Real Estate Commission when the two exam prep finals have been successfully passed and we are notified of date you have reserved to take the Colorado broker exam.

Course Materials
The following materials are provided by VanEd:
  • The VanEd Study Guide (online eBook)
  • The Colorado Real Estate Commission Manual, hereinafter referred to as "Manual" (online eBook)
Exams are taken online and may be taken multiple times. All practice / unit exams must be passed before accessing the final exam in that same course. A greater number of multiple-choice test questions are created to help you feel comfortable with the testing methodology. If you do not receive a passing score, you can only attempt the same course final exam twice in one day, in order to give you more time for review. Once the final exam is passed, there are no restrictions on retaking the same final exam.

Exams may be repeated without limitation; however, we strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing the material again any time an exam is not passed before attempting the same exam again.

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