Real Estate Brokerage

TREC & ARELLO approved TX online SAE course

ARELLO Certified and approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to meet the SAE/CORE requirements for Texas real estate licensees. (learn more)

This 30 Credit Hour course is required by the Real Estate Commission in order to apply to upgrade to the Broker level of authority.

Course Objective:

To provide a course of study for the practical application of laws, rules and sound business practices for the management, operation and supervision of a real estate brokerage company. Upon completion participants will have obtained an understanding and working knowledge of the necessary components of planning and organization of a brokerage. Students will also be introduced to operational policies and procedures, recruiting, selection and training of personnel. This will include a discussion of independent contractor agreements, supervision of employed broker associates and an ability to understand and apply the requirements of recordkeeping and trust accounts. Management controls, real estate brokerage firm analysis and criteria for expansion will also be examined. Participants will have obtained a basic knowledge of real estate brokerage business planning and will be able to explain the functions and role of the Real Estate Commission and the Division of Real Estate.

Course Introduction:

Students will experience numerous assessments such as exercises, quizzes and examinations throughout the material together with a policy workshop. An office policy workshop allows the student the opportunity to start their policy per statute and assists in the development process thereof. Passage of all assessments, the office policy and the final exam is required to complete this course.

Learning Objectives:

This is a comprehensive Brokerage course. At the conclusion of this course, students will;

Table of Contents Introduction Unit I ? Introduction to Planning a Brokerage Business

Unit II ? Real Estate Commission and the Division of Real Estate Unit III ? Trust Accounts and Record Keeping Unit IV - Agency and Broker Relationships Unit V - Broker Supervision and Liability Unit VI ? Office Policies and Procedures Unit VII ? Office Policy Workshop Unit VIII ? Leadership Unit IX ? Other Current Issues

The course contains numerous exercises, quizzes, and examinations. It is completed with a multiple choice final exam and a review of specific sections of your submitted office policy assignment.

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